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Hello everyone!I had FIXED-PRICE contract and delivered work on time and fulfilled all client's requirements. Everytime I submit my work after few days client request changes and gave new requirements. To satisfy the client I went beyond and fulfilled new requirements too but he still request changes. I had Resubmit my work 4 times and client requested changes.
When I said to approve my Milestone then he said he is cancelling the contract giving unfair reason about not fulfilling new requirements.
Now he has ended the contract without approving the milestone.
I have proof that I delievered work on time and fulfilled all requirements given at starting on contract.
Now What should I Do?

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This client is either a bad person, or he is someone who genuinely does not understand fixed-price contracts.


Because the client has ALREADY CLOSED the contract, there is nothing you can do now to influence the feedback that he will give you for this contract. So what you need to do now is dispute his request for a refund.


Reject any requests to refund money to the client. It is NOT Upwork's intent that he receive any money back. The client is abusing the system.


Was this a contract with only ONE milestone, and the client did not release the payment for that milestone? (answer yes or no)


How much money was in escrow for this milestone?

Hello Preston! Thank you for your reply.

No, the contract was having 2 milestone(2nd milestone was added after few days of starting the contract).

Yes, client was not approving my 1st milestone(which was active) and everytime I submit my work client requested changes giving me new requirements.

100$ was in escrow for this milestone.

It costs you nothing to dispute.

You SHOULD dispute.
The client SHOULD be releasing the full esrow amount to you: $100.


During the dispute process, you should explain that the you did all the work, and much more, and the client needs to pay you the $100.


Hopefully if you confront the client with his dishonesty (but do so politely) then the client will agree to pay you money.


Maybe you will need to make a compromise. That is better then getting paid nothing.

If the client wil not agree to pay you money during the dispute process, then the next step is arbitration.


This costs $291 for the freelancer, and client, and Upwork each. Non-refundable.

You will have the opportunity to pay $291 in order to get $100 back.

The client will have an opportunity to $291 in order to get $100 back.


So EVERYBODY is guaranteed to lose if you go to arbitration. It will be better if you can come to an agreement during the dispute process.

Yes I WILL dispute.


I will give my best to explain each and every thing I have worked(politely) and I deserved to be paid in dispute process.


Figure Crossed, Hoping things would turn around and Hardwork get paid!


Thank You,

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