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Fixed Price to milestones?


I had a job with a fixed price that I completed. Now the client wants another job and changed to milestones. How does it work? How do I know how much he is going to pay?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Silvia,


Could you please clarify what do you mean by "changed to milestones"? Was the original contract updated with new Milestones or have they sent you a new offer? Please also share a screenshot so we can check and advise.


Thanks for the reply.... attached are two print screen, one with the contract and the other with the messages. Do you understand my question? I never worked with milestones before.


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The client funded $ 50 for milestone 1 and the contract is for $ 50 and you have requested approvai, so you have already submitted the work?


Did you really translate 12.000 words since the same day you were awarded the contract?


please don’t tell me you agreed to a 12.000 translation for $ 50??


That is 3 words per 1 Cent after fees....


The way milestones work is the client funds the milestone, then you do the work, then you submit the work and request payment.


Not the other way round.......

I started on Tuesday (Nov/7) and finished the next day. I did agree on $50 for the 12000 word translation. Now he wants me to translate a document of 20.000 words but I don´t know how much he is going to pay for this

You translated a 12.000 word historical document in a day?  Well, the client probably got what he paid for....


Anyway, the client will have to release the first milestone, then set up and fund a second milestone. The price is betweeen you and the client, you’ll have to discuss it.....


I suppose starting to discuss translation rates and so on would be off topic here...  

lol good lord. And we wonder why clients have no budgets. This. This is why.

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