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Forgot to add keyword in the job description. Warns me wont be able to reapply because boosting

I pasted my covering letter from docs into the upwork covering letter field and totally forgot to add the keyword for the job posting. Description says will be disquaified witihout it as normal. 


I went to withdraw and reapply but there is a warning:


If you tried to boost this proposal in a standard or Placebo auction, you won’t be able to submit it again after withdrawing.

I spent 30 credits to boost it. Is this saying if I withdraw the thing  I can't reapply. 

Am i now screwed? 




Any help would be really appreiciated. 


Hi Timothy,


Thank you for reaching out to us. Boosted and unboosted proposals that are withdrawn are removed from the client’s list so they can no longer see them. If you withdraw a Boosted Proposal, you can’t submit it again (with or without boosting) and you will still be charged as if you had not withdrawn.

~ AJ
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