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Form Filling Help regarding Local Funds Transfer

Hi Everyone, Assalam-O-Alaikum. As I want to withdraw my Earnings so I'm going to fill the set up Payments:Local Funds Transfer Form. I'm little bit confused. So, I just want to confirm. My question is: Can I use my BBA account information to withdraw money(Simply fill the form with details as I entered HBL Swift Code and it says Withdrawal Fee: $4.99 USD per withdrawal and Finish with filling all other) OR Must have some sort of internet banking activated on my account? Thanks & best Regards, M.Mubasher

W-salam, You need SWIFT code, and IBAN for transfers,whether it is BBA or Business account and you can transfer funds to your local account. Note that certain accounts have their limit on max funds transfers, so you should check it too. Upwork charges $4.99 for each withdrawal using LFT. Other methods have different charges, but this is simplest one. Contact your bank for SWIFT code and your IBAN.