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Freelance Plus member, still didnt got a single project?


i have upgraded my account and still not able to bag a single project.


Can anyone guide me with the techniques and how to write a proposal?




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Hi Shalina,


Hope you are well. I went ahead and saw your profile, here are a few tips:


1. The profile header needs update, it just says a skill sub type (excel & online support). Try soemthing like Data Entry or Online Bidder or Admin or Back Office Work. [Back Office Admin with excellent excel]

2. Try to draft out the description area in a more engaging way. Upwork provides excellent blogs, to help you in this. 

[Profile is the first thing the client will look at and it has to be engaging withthe detaild explaination of your skills & portfolio]

3. Read the job post carefully and apply the bid explaining in detail your skills and how you will approach the project towards successful delivery

4. Regularly go through the upwork blog and I can say there is good content for you to improve your profile & proposal. These tips actually helped me go ahead and get good projects. 


Hope this helps,


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