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GST billing for indian client

I am taking up an Indian client and our discussions are stuck on the billing side. We are both GST registered. Under normal circumstances

  1. I would raise a GST invoice to the client.
  2. The client would pay the required amount and I will deposit the GST to the govt.

With the contract being through upwork

  1.  Will upwork provide the client with a proper GST invoice?
  2. If I have bid $100 and GST is 18% what will upwork charge to the client $118 or $100?
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Stuck with same problem.

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@vijayvithal / @omkar R, Are you able to get any solution? or We have to fill the GST from our pocket?

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Upwork will not add GST on behalf of you. You'll have to add whatever may be the tax amount additionally. But at the same time please note that there will be % deduction on that amount too as Upwork's commission. 

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