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Getting Job invites every day .But not a single job has been awarded .

Hi Folks ,

Things have started to worry me in last few days.Recently I got my toprated badge as graphic designer .And I started getting job invites almost every day after that .I have responded to each job invite but to my surprise , no activity from clients side (more than 10 proposals i am talking about ).is there a slow down in job awarding these days .I am unable to figure out where i am going wrong .Any insights are welcome on this topic.Are you guys also experiencing the same problem .Just curious .




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They are not invites to 'jobs', they are invites to 'interviews'.

Being invited to an interview *might* give you an edge, but you will still be competing with all the other applicants for the job. 

It can also take more than 'a few days' for the client to decide. It will be weeks in some cases. 

Hi Jamie ,

I know they are invites to interview .I am in this system from last 15 years when it was elance .Its just that only this time , not a single interview is converting .Thats why wanted to ask if the things are slowing a bit

or is this my perception only .




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