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Government ID requested by my employer

Hello. I'm new in this plattform, recently I got my first contract. One of their requirements was to be native Mexican. Today, I received a message from my employer asking for a photo of my ID as proof of my nationality.  So I have this question: I did complete my validation process with UPWORK by sending them a photo of my official ID, is it normal that I have to share it now with my employer?

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It isnt employer. Scamer want your ID for illegal purposes. Report his and block.

Upwork already have all required from you. Noone from legal clients will ask for that.

After contract started you can share your info if you want. But not must.

Thank you so much. Well I don't know what to think. This employer has many job posts on this plattform, I actually applied because it was recommended by another freelancer. However, since I sent my ID, I haven't receive any message regarding my contract with them. Is there any way I can contact Upwork Customer service regarding this? I would really appreciate any information, for I'm not sure on what to do, or if I have to do anything at all.

Nothinhg to do. You was asked (not forced) for private info, you provided it. Just think about happened and make conclusions.

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