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Having trouble finding work

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Miranda H Member Since: Mar 18, 2016
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Hello to all!


I created an Upwork profile a few months ago, and have now started using it consistently. 


I have filled my profile as much as I can but Upwork still says my profile is only 30% complete. Can somebody help me fix this?


I've written a handful of proposals specically for social media work and writing articles. I have not heard back from anyone, even people that requested that I apply for the job.


Can anybody help me?

Community Guru
Ramesh K Member Since: Oct 25, 2015
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Go through all these links. You may get an idea how to make your profile 100% completed.

This is the comment made by Vladimir on an another thread :

New users should  read the Getting Started as a Freelancer section of the Help Center and "A Freelancer's Guide to Upwork" before using their account to bid on jobs. I also suggest watching our educational videos and reading the best practice advice shared by other users:


Freelancer Tutorial Videos

Want to get that first job? Then check this out...

Proposal Workshop Video


Please have a look at tips and warning signs shared in this thread.

Vladimir G Moderator Member Since: Oct 31, 2014
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Hi Miranda,


Please add a few of your key skills to your profile by clicking on the pencil icon below your profile photo and title. Regarding the client replies, I've checked and see a client responded to your proposal yesterday.