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Helping my Account profile to get COOL jobs

Hello ,wonderful community!


I want experienced helper to advice me to grow my account profile . I have thought  very much how I should improve my profile through upwork . but I can't find special method . if anyone reviews my profile and is impact to me , I 'd appreciate for your help .

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Hi Oliver, My perspective is to look for top-rated freelancers on Upwork and going through their profiles and portfolios, to do this go to the search option (above the search job there is another search on top of the page) You will see a drop-down arrow left, choose talent and type your profession, that will show you top-rated talents on Upwork in that particular profession, go through each of them to know what they did to get all the jobs. When I did this, I found that not all top-rated have a great profile, they got it by years of hardworking on Upwork. I hope this is helpful.

Thanks for your advice.

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