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Helping you lose New Clients

Upwork earns ca. 70$ from a 400$ contract, charging client and freelancer. I have many clients unsatisfied with the start at the Upwork. It is very hard to send a client to Upwork without making him upset. The fee is also high enough to create problems, and sometimes lose the client. The hourly rate makes me lose clients, many do not know it is possible to make fixed price contracts. Upwork fails in the most important part: new freelancers and new clients. New clients and new freelancers find the site and process still confusing and sometimes open 2 accounts BY MISTAKE; later Upwork "punishes" it, as if the client or freelancer did this on purpose. It is also still very hard for the client just reach out and i create the contract in a smooth manner. I will do a pool asking my clients if they got happy after i inviting them to Upwork. Also the fee is an ofense: by bringing a client to Upwork i am helping Upwork. At least for the first contract it should be zero dollar. Imagine: this client will open contracts forever, and you get the fees anyway from many jobs in the future. I don´t want to lose an important client because of this weak side. To open a ticked is also a hell, you have to battle with the bot in order to open a ticket for a problem Upwork created. I would love if Upwork uses their profit to fix this.

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