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High Upwork fees

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Raymond Bradley G Member Since: Dec 2, 2019
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Yeah, I feel your pain. I don't bid for any projects less than $500 anymore, it's just not worth it, and I don't bid on projects that have more than 20 bidders. Since the change in Upwork fees, I calculate my costs per bid as about $1 for every other bidder. After all, if there are 35 other bidders, then if everything is equal, I'd get one in 35 of those jobs, and it costs about a dollar per bid now. I also check the clients profile very carefully, and don't bid on any jobs for new clients. 


I'm very disappointed with Upwork lately. I've never done that much work on Upwork because I get a lot more per hour when I find the clients myself, and now with the additional costs I think about every bid, and most of the time, I decide not to bid. 


Upwork must be under new management or they're trying a new business model, and it doesn't work well for me anymore.  



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Ruby C Member Since: Jan 19, 2020
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Even though this is an old post, this type of payment structure is very current. I have to agree. Most jobs have to be worth doing and paying for. You wouldn't charge someone £100 just to sew on 4 buttons, because you can't afford to be penalised by the % of low paid jobs. The client wouldn't pay that anyway, but my point is, whatever you're offering to do or pay, it has to be relative.