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Hired or not?

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Juanito B Member Since: Dec 11, 2014
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Hello guys, I am new here on oDesk. If my profile says that i have an active job candidacy, does it mean im hired for the job? Does the client need to interview me first? Also, the client messaged that im already hired for the job and gave me the details of the project. Can someone help me please? Still new with these things. 

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Igor S Member Since: Dec 8, 2014
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It means you not hired yet but your candidacy can be interviewed.

When you will be hired it will appear in your "My jobs" tab.


Good luck in job finding!

Igor S
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Gillian Michele N Member Since: Mar 15, 2012
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An active candidacy means that the client wishes to interview you.


Don't start working until you're officially offered a contract. You'll see a notification and then you need to respond. Once he hires you this will show under 'my jobs' within your account.



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Juanito B Member Since: Dec 11, 2014
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Oh ok.. Thanks you so much..

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Ronald T Member Since: Sep 14, 2009
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First, it is important to note that on occasion it might take time for changes made by clients or freelancers to appear on various pages within the oDesk site.

One way for freelancers to review the status of their job applications is to navigate to the "Active" tab on their "My Job Applications" page (Find Work > Job Applications | Active).

There are three sections under the "Active" tab: Active Candidacies, Invitations to Interview, and Sent Job Applications. To review information in the "Active Candidacies" or "Sent Job Applications" section, click the "Job" link, which opens the item in the application view where freelancers can see various information such as the job description, their appication information, and message traffic between the client and the freelancer.

Next, under the job title near the top click the "View Job Posting" link, which opens the complete job posting page. Scroll down to "Client Activity on this Job" to view information about the hiring process including, if any, how many and which freelancers have been hired.

Note: From job to job, there are some inconsistencies regarding the types of information shown under the "Client Activity on this Job" area. For instance, the link to the freelancer(s) hired is not always included.

IMPORTANT: Depending on how freelancers configure their oDesk account notification settings (Settings Icon [gear symbol top right-hand] > User Settings [left-hand column] > Notification Settings | Contracts), the freelancer should be notified by email from oDesk that "A hire is made or a contract begins" (Denotes officially hired). Be sure to review all notification settings.


As always, when in doubt or for any questions about your account, contact oDesk support (Help & Community Icon [question mark symbol top right-hand portion of page].

Edited 01/09/2015 RT/lwm