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Hours Disputed



A client just disputed my hours billed for the project we agreed upon.

The project is a "Logo Design".


Once we agreed on the terms and procedure of the work, I did start working on it using the automatic upwork time tracker.


My first work phase is the "sketching ideas" where i clearly described it in the memo and through the screenshots where the program was open saying "sketching ideas on paper". 
I use this time to brainstorm and sketch the ideas (on paper) relevant for the project, once I come up with the most appropriate ones I select the chosen ones and go to the next phase which is implementing the design.

Meanwhile, since I am currently doing this phase and drawing the sketches on paper, the time tracker works and tracks the time that I am working on. This is definitely valued time that should be considered and paid . However it then shows low amount of activity. In this case in total this phase tracked 1h:10 mins approximately.


The next phase is the "Design" phase where I implement the selected sketches and bring them to life. In this case my activity is very high (maximum) in most screenshots.


So this was the client's dispute comment -


Did not expect to be billed for initial idea generation of logos. I would rather pay for versions that were closer to final product. The initial draft logos were not acceptable for the project; and to continue to pay $30 for ideas is not what I had planned. I have used this service before and was only billed once draft versions were agreed upon.


He probably misunderstood the whole procedure of work.I had to use time to brainstorm and come up with those ideas as they didn't fall from the sky so that were ready for design, lol.

Also, they were final versions, I got him offered in the beginning unlimited rounds of revisions until he's fully satisfied upon selecting the one that we will procceed.



I need your help, should I reject his dispute and fight for what I deserve or refund it?

P.S - All his recent contracts had been fixed ones, not a single hourly rate one.


Thanks in advance.

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You will lose any time with low activity levels, or manual time, or hours without meaningful work memos, or screenshots that don't show you working on the client's project.


I'd probably be more concerned about feedback and JSS impact.


I see..but that's really important part of my work scope..anyway. 
Thank you for the reply Petra, if I refund it in full, feedback /JSS wont be affected right?

@Filip P wrote:

I see..but that's really important part of my work scope..anyway. 
Thank you for the reply Petra, if I refund it in full, feedback /JSS wont be affected right?

 If you refund in full nothing will show on the profile, but the contract's effect on your JSS will remain, depending on what feedback the client gives. There will be no visible feedback on the profile though.


Filip, you are top-rated, so you have, if you haven't used it during the last 10 jobs and 3 months, your top rated perk to remove one contract from your JSS calculation so all's not lost 😉


Thanks again Petra,

Fortunately, haven't found myself in such situation before..hope I won't need it in future! 🙂

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