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How can I remove a bad review I wrote for a client a year ago?

Hi, here's the issue, there was a big project I was working on, it took a lot of work but the client suddenly dissappeared, then after some time Upwork sent me an email telling me in a language that made me understand like the client had retrieved the funds and called back the project. 


At the moment I panicked and tried to appeal to the Upwork system, however it told me that in order to be able to do that, I needed to close the project and write a review. I obviously didn't wrote a good one. After that, I was able to appeal to the callback. 


One day later the client appeared, she got called by Upwork, it turns out she had a death in the family and had forgotten about the project in that time. She did paid for the job and even sent me some good bonus for all the trouble. 


However that bad review was left there and it appears that she's having some issues hiring because of that bad reivew, and it's asking me to take it down. However, time has passed, and I can't find anything that allows me to take down or edit that review. 


Is this even possible?

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Unfortunately, it seems like there is no way to change a review once you have submitted it. You can simply just move on and make sure that this would not happen again, I think giving the "benefit of the doubt" is beneficial to both clients and freelancers so we don't risk jeopardizing them on this platform.


Hi Rodrigo,


You will need to contact your client so that they can enable the changes for you. You can share this help article with your client for more information. 

~ Joanne
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Wow, today I learned! I did not know that but I was aware that we could do enable the same thing for clients.

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