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How does Upwork assign the number of connects?

Does anyone know how Upwork actually assigns the amount of Connects to apply for a job? I, and several others, have noticed how expensive they are. I would pay for the connects if I actually knew they clients were serious about hiring someone for the job. However, many just post for free for their own market research and see what prices are out there. 

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There is a team.  They love to play dart. They are not good at it

The smallest inner circle has 2 connects.   The circle eith 16 connects is the largest and covers 90% of the area.  Whenever a job is posted they get together and throw the dart.  Person who lands on the smallest inner circle is fired.  Those who land on the 16 connect circle are given 10% of the connect revenue as a bonus.


Sometimes for fun they blindfold themsevles just to mess with the freelancers. 

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According to Upwork's moderators, the number of Connects for a job is based on various factors such as type of job, the client's budget, length of the project, etc. This is calculated by a program or algorithm, so the amount per job is really crazy for many jobs.


However, many just post for free for their own market research and see what prices are out there.

Yes. In your line of work (and mine) this is similar to an RFI or Market Research from the Government with no real plans or intent to release an RFP. Upwork generates revenue from Connects and clients get their free information, but freelancers get nothing in the process.

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The connect required for a particular job could also change after a few days of no hires (mod confirmed). When I see the algo involved, I'll say it's next to "random" 😁

I think this is just BS! (Not what you've said, but what the moderators are saying.)  They seem to be randomly assigning connects to jobs. I've seen $5 jobs costing 12 connects, whereas a $250 job cost 8 connects!


This is just Upwork's way of fleecing us service providers. (If I remember correctly, they had initially said that Connects are a way to reduce the number of applications so that fewer people bid for a job and it becomes easier for the client to select a service provider. But that hasn't happened.)


Shame on you, Upwork!!  You're already taking Service Charges from us whenever we receive a payment. Fleecing us in the name of connects is just not the done thing!

Yeah I seen $500 job with 8 connect ss and $7 job with 11,12 or 15 connects

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There is a huge spike (up to 70%) in the cost of application in various categories. Upwork, why is that?

Because Upwork was broke and had no idea on how to make money other than fleece freelancers. Now that they are profitable and have latched on to this idea, you can expect connect prices to increase even further. 

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Upwork reps, could you comment on that?

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