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How to Add Schedule Appointment Calendar to your WordPress Website

How can I host an online meetings within my wordPress website?

So whether people are on the blog or they're looking at your services for example, there can be a call to action button and that will take them to a new page where they can easily book a conversation a zoom call, consultation or anything of that nature.


If you guys are trying to add a booking calender to your wordpress website stick around i'm going to show you how this article

The use of calendly

The first step is you're going to come to calendly.com,in the description you're going to come up to the right hand corner and press sign up for free. The easiest way is to sign up with google the benefits of signing up with google is that your appointments that are scheduled will immediately import through google calendar, that is awesome.


Further customize your availability later on so this is just something that you should do before moving on it will be easier later on if you do that it's going to ask you.

You know what your day-to-day role is they're trying to collect information for their own benefit i'm gonna go ahead and press other and click finish, your calendly account is completely set up.


Then, go ahead to set up a personal one that's going to be available on your very own wordpress site so what we want do here and this is the UI for 2022 so it's going to look a little different for the location you can choose whether you want the it to be a zoom, web conference, google meet, a phone call whether it's at a specific address or location this is all going to be dependent on what you do and what type of appointment you want to schedule.

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