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How to filter job searches for 4 to 8 connects to apply?

So I can't afford to apply for potential work that costs me 16 connects every time to apply. There used to be a way to filter this previously but now that option doesn't seem to be available. Can someone please explain how I can find work that costs 4 to 8 connects per application please? (It's simply far to expensive applying for work I may not get the at anything above 8, maybe when I get work and can apply for those jobs it would be easier, but for now my budget dictates 4 to 8 connects.) 


Thank you


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Hi Samantha,  There is no such option to filter jobs based on the number of Connects required. I think Upwork should give such option.

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For a very long time I have not seen any job with 4 connects, but ocassionally I do see jobs that require 8 connects. 


I looked for the option last week, seems like Upwork has removed it! 

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