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How was this allowed to be posted?

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Community Manager

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, Peter. 

I have forwarded this to the team for their review and action. As we have shared before, please avoid sharing links and screengrabs of job posts in the Community as it is not allowed. 

~ Avery

Thanks, Avery. I will not do that in the future, promise. But I kind of don't get why if it's allowed to be viewable to everyone in their feeds, it's not allowed to be viewable here. And in no way did I accuse the client of anything, or even comment on it, just posed a simple question that I hoped someone would answer.

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I saw that, and I feel the bots are now mocking on Upwork.


Posting online job about posting online jobs. 😂 (and in the mean time some new freelancer could still fall for it)

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