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I Recently Gave Client Copy of Photo ID Upon Request

Has anyone had a client request their photo ID and given it to them? Could this be a scam? I recently gave a potential client **Edited for Community Guidelines** a picture of my photo ID for a background check and haven't heard anything from them. I didn't think that anyone could do damage with this information but now i am finding all kinds of crazy stuff on the Internet. I've already frozen my credit.

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I would NOT under any circumstances give out my ID info to a client. All the info they need is under your profile, nothing more.

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I'm freaking out now because I also recently gave a client a phot of my ID. I just froze my credit but I'm not sure what else to do. I didn't give them any other documents though.

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@Catherine C wrote:

Has anyone had a client request their photo ID and given it to them?

 Yes, it was an Enterprise client with literally Millions spent on Upwork and done through Upwork.

The same client also ran a background check through a proper background checking agency.


Anything else and you'll probably find accounts opened using your ID all over the place.

DO NOT send anyone any ID EVER and if someone asks refer them to Upwork.



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Hi Catherine,

There is very little reason to request personal information on Upwork since your profile already includes your eduction, work history and other information that would be necessary to help a client learn about you professionally. I would advise against sharing personal information at all. 

Pleaes go ahead and flag the job for us to review that it aligns with our ToS or alternatively you can PM me a link to the job.

I also want to share a little reminder that you should make sure that you have a contract with a client before starting on any work.  Feel free to check out this thread, which contains a lot of great info and tips there on avoiding suspicious jobs on Upwork.

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