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I can't go to the dispute tab

I have disputed one of my contract becuase my client canceld and want refund.

I got mailed notificaton but I can't go to the dispute tab to see update and write reply.

When I click the dispute ticket show this. from wheere will I get my zendesk username and pass?



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I saw that same thing when I went through the dispute process a few months back. Fortunately, you don't have to navigate through the dispute tab - you can reply directly to the emails that you receive. All comments in the dispute ticket will be forwarded to your email. Just make sure that you reply to all recipients. Also, go to the Support and Terms of Service sites to learn everything you can about the dispute process. A lack of knowledge can cause you to lose here.

Actually, Past time I can reply from here. But now  I can't

It was on and off for me

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