I declined an offer (price was not what we agreed) and client says our messages disappeared

A client posted a job with a $250 budget and asked me to apply. Once I learned what was required, I proposed a fee of $325 (via messages) and she agreed, and I sent her a revised proposal with the new price. She went to hire me and was unsure how to amend the offer and it went to me with the $250 price attached. I declined the offer and now she says that all of our messages and proposals have disappeared on her end (I can still see them on my end). Any idea how to proceed?


Instead of cancelling an offer, the client can send you an addtional payment of the rest of amount. Now she can make another job post and invite you to apply with the new rate you supposed. Regards!

The easiest way is for the client to simply go to your profile and click the Hire button, then proceed from there.


It actually happened to me this weekend. The client can cancel the offer and then send you another one with the right rate.