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I had a strange problem with Upwork IN MY FIRST EXPERIENCE

Hello everyone

I had a strange problem with Upwork IN MY FIRST EXPERIENCE working with Upwork and need you to please help me. I try to summarize what happened:
1. On MAR 24 I got my first work from a client and did it.
2. Client was very satisfied, so he paid the cost immediately and gave me five stars.
3. Upwork sent me an Email that the contract was ended and paid. The invoice was issued and I saw it in my earnings.
4. after 4 days, on MAR 28, I received an Email from Upwork Trust & Safety Team that said, Client was fraudulent, So they refund the money to him !!

I did the job, he paid the money, the contract was ended and Upwork approved the process. So please explain to me that
- What kind of scam happened?
- If the client was fraudulent, it was an Upwork problem and was not my wrong, so Why did Upwork deduct from my account and refunded him?
- Finally, I trusted Upwork reports, and only when Upwork confirmed that the fee had been paid, I sent the source code to the client. So I am sure that Upwork has to pay the fee to me anyway.

That was a very bad experience with Upwork. I sent some emails to  Upwork Trust & Safety Team, but I think that the answers were systemic messages. Now I don't know how can I follow up on my rights. 

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Actually, he didn't really pay.  He most likely used a fraudulent credit card and the bank reversed the payment and Upwork did the same.  Upwork did NOT refund the client, they refunded the false charge.


but I trusted Upwork. So it's the Upwork platform problem. isn't it?

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hi, what was the job? what source code? completed in a day?

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a hyper-casual android game. I customized one of the previous products and give him in one day.

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