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I'm Really Happy To Say "I'm Much Satisfied On Upwork Freelancer Support"

This is one of a big reason, now why I love Upwork so much. I know before upwork is really a huge marketplace when they were "Odesk" some of my friends worked there, and they told 'that is good ha that is a good platform for online work.


But still now, when I come at this platform for myself on Upwork, really I want to say with a "big sound", yeah this platform is really really much wider and there are a lot of people to help each other like an "Own Family" member.


Some week ago I lose my account, for a little mistake. and then I appeal on upwork "High Support Team" and then they review my account and then they Re-Active my account within next 24 hours.


Not only that, every time if I asked anything on the support team. they answer me much quicker. and they advise me 'how get I more develop' and really I feel lucky to work at "Upwork"


This is my first story here. so please 'pardon' me if I make any mistake!



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Yeah, Upwork's customer support is quite active and responsive

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