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I'm so busy, it's ridiculous ....

Actually, it is ridiculous. I wasn't kidding.


The problem is, I haven't been looking for Upwork jobs for years, until the last month or so. Then, I happened to get a job offer today, but the woman wanted to check up on my availability. She said my profile indicated I had 32 different jobs going. She wanted to know if I could fit in one more.


So, the question is, where do I find all these hangover projects and how do I close them out? I need the work now and I don't want to lose out on offers because the clients think I'm too busy. None of those 32 projects should be open at this point.

Moderator ... anyone else ... any thoughts?

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you can end those projects on your own. The client will get an email and he will have 30 days to give you a review during that time and if he does not give you a review then it will close without a final review but in the end you can close them yourself.


Hi Anthony,


We understand your concern, Anthony, and we genuinely appreciate you being active here in the Community for our members. You may check all your active Contracts by going to Deliver work> Your active jobs. From there, you may end a contract and it will be moved to your "Completed jobs" from the "In progress" section. On the same page, you may end a contract:

  1. Choose the contract's title
  2. Select the (...) options menu and choose End contract. Please visit this screenshot for your reference.

Let us know if you need further assistance;  we'll gladly help.


~ Arjay
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I see you got the job already, you now have 33 of them!


I upvoted especially for the "busy" and "ridiculous" part. I'd rather provide a short explanation to the client about how the thing works (there are also quite a lot of discussions about it in this forum).

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33 isnt a bad. I have 64 opened but available. 😺

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Did you ever close the jobs?

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Familiar problem! Close them at your own risk - there is nothing preventing some client from 10 years ago to see the email and come back and set you a terrible feedback. Just because they can. And then your JSS gets hit.

So you get shafted in either direction - TOO BUSY vs BAD REVIEW!

Plus p'n off an old client that you'll never see again anyway.


>>or did you go off-site and still work for them?????<<

At least in that case, they won't leave a bad review 🙂

But seriously, working for a client who is so attentive they notice how many open contracts you have... is a bad idea anyway. I'd see it almost as a red flag.

I AGREE - they will be so **bleep** about every move you make you will hate the project.
Like my old work boss!    PITA

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Just close the jobs that are finished and send a message to the client.

I regulary close all the jobs that are finished or idle over 3/4 months. I have some jobs that are still open longer than that but they're jobs from long term clients that i know that sonner or later will get back and that way they just have to add a new milestone.

If the job is finished and you know you did good don't worry about bad reviews. In my experience what usually happens is that the client doesn't even bother to give a review. That's why in my portofolio there's lot's of jobs one after the other with no reviews . And that is what can be bad; a new client seeing the first pages of your portofolio with no reviews at all...

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I have my clients close the contracts, and I include follow ups so that they don't stay open. The reason is, I want the process of them leaving feedback to be frictionless. Every single one of my contracts has been closed by the client, which means every single project has public feedback . 

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