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I need to report a client who I believe is offering scam jobs on this platform

I am reporting a cleint who posted a virtual assistant job on your plarform on Thursday 03/19, in which I applied for and  I got a response the next day. The response to me is docuemnt in the message portal of this platform. In that message the client asked me to connect off the platfrom of upwork, and asked to be conduct the interview on telegarm. They eventually offered me the job and send me  virtual check from someone's account for me to deposit in the my account and cash out for them. This needs to stop as I thought that Upwork verfies everyone on this platform. I need to know who this persons are. I have the check and the person's mobile number and also the offer letter. I need a response as quicky as possible.

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All you need to do is go to the job posting page, click on the "Flag as inappropriate" link button in the top right hand corner, and report this. You can provide additional information in the free-form text box.

I have done that already. But I see no action(s) taken by Upwork. This does
not look and sound right to me.

I thought everyone on this platform was verified.


Hi Adewale,


Could you please send me a PM by clicking on my name, and kindly share the job post link that you are referring to so I can check? Thank you.

~ Joanne
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Please check my submitted proposal and the message portal. You will see the
mesages sent to me about a Virtual Assistant Role sent by **Edited for Community Guidelines**. I
hope that you will take appropriate action.

I am expecting feedback soon.

Thank You for reaching out to me.


re: "I thought everyone on this platform was verified."


No, that is not correct.

Everybody is not verified.

Freelancers aren't necessarily verified. Some of them are. Some of them aren't.


Clients are not verified at all (other than being payment verified).

Job postings are not verified.


As for seeing no actions taken:

You may or may not see any action taken. You have already reported. It has nothing to do with you now.

Thank you for the response. I do appreciate. But I honestly believe that there should be some accountability for any fraudulent acts/actions on this platform. Just my 5 cents.

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Just throw the check away. Just by agreeing to be sent a check you violated Upwork's terms of service. This scam would die out on Upwork if freelancers stopped doing that.


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