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Identity Theft

I just got a notice saying my identity may have been stolen by a "client" on here and i'm and furious. ODESK makes you jump through hoops to get a job and they can't do a better job of vetting the people on here who claim to be looking for workers? Come on odesk! Why aren't you guys doig a better job of mointering what is going on with this site.


I looked up this client myself to see if they were legit and they had a site set up, so I assumed this was a good job. I sent them my information because they said they wanted to make sure that I was American.


But when I didn't hear back from them, i knew something was up but why has it taken Odesk two months to figure out these people are stealing idenities?






Sorry to hear about this Stacey.


There should never be a need for clients to request your personal information. They're supposed to hire you based upon your profile.


Is there anything more you can do about this situation?