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Hi, I'm a new freelancer. I want any to know if it's normal that every client invite you discuss for the job outside Upwork??



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Yes. These are all scammers. Until you have a reasonable work history, you will not receive invitations from legit clients, only scammers. 


Hi Gaelle,


I understand the frustration but I'd like to assure you that our Trust & Safety team is aware of the problem and is taking it seriously. They are working to address the issues, including higher than usual volumes of scam posts, constantly changing methods of scam accounts.
I  checked your account and found that scam jobs have been removed already and the accounts have been blocked. If a client asks you to contact them outside Upwork or if you encounter any suspicious user activity, please send us a flag and we'll take appropriate actions based on our internal processes. Please be reminded as well that it is against our Terms of Service to communicate outside Upwork prior to a contract starting.
You may want to check out this thread from our Community member, Wes, about top red flags for scams.

~ AJ
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It is normal for scammers to do this, but not legit clients.

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