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Is Upwork asking now the freelancers to do their admin job? Can't join project, client did not ....

this happened already twice this week and its a big PAIN. I get an offer from a client and it won;t let me accept it,

because the client did not fill out the adress completly.

How is this my problem. Can't you let them fill out everything upwork need beforehand?

I have to waste an hour to figure out whats wrong. and still can't accept the offer.

Is Upwork now outsourcing its admin work to its freelancers?

NOT HAPPY...get it sorted!!!

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You would rather pay radically increased fees so that Upwork could hire a large staff to handhold clients through the complex process of typing their address?


Why are you spending an hour trying to figure out what your client did wrong when you have no access to your client's account? 


"Dear Client: I can't accept your offer due to some missing information on your end. It appears to be a problem with your address. Let me know when it's updated and I'll get started!" 


Roughly 35 seconds, and on with your life.

no Tiffany its not my job to do admin work for upwork...and it took more than an hour. If upwork need to hire or make their website more clear would be appreciated. If you into unpaid admin work, that great for you 🙂



Hi Andi,


Thank you for posting. I am sorry to hear about the issue of accepting an offer and how you feel about the same. Usually, there is an error message that shows up when a client still hasn't completed their company information on their account settings. I checked your account and noticed that you have already accepted the offer now. Feel free to message us if you need any other assistance.  


Thank you,



yes it worked in the end...just took really long, and I had to search for the solution and guide the client. would be great if Upwork can make it more clear to the client

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