Is it a red flag??


I am new to odesk and I applied to a job post. Just two hours after applying I received the mail saying I am the member of the team and can start the job right away. there is a link provided and a process to start work plus a email id where I have to contact after completing th job. There is no further communication link or something. I am a bit of confused if its a scam/red flag??


Suggestions Please.Thanks in advance for help!!!


I can guess that they invited you to a "captcha" related job.

If yes, then check their payment method. If the method is not verified then keep away from them, most of them are fraught.

yes they hired for captcha and the payment method is not verified. I was also getting a kind of feeling as if it is a scam or sumthing. By the way thanks for reply..

If you've not been hired through oDesk (no contract in place), then you should NOT start working for that client. Yes, this is a red flag in my opinion. If the client told you that he/she will pay you outside oDesk, this is a SERIOUS violation, and you should report the situation to oDesk. 

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Thanks for your reply firstly and secondly the problem id i just received the message on odesk only. Everything is mentioned in that like how to start the job. The message that i received also displayed the various payment method- like paypal/odesk(the one that i have to chose from). The message says I have to complete the task and mail them at some id and then they'll pay. 


So I was just kind of confused. But now I think its some scam only.


And thanx again!!

Yeah, Shilpa... This is a classic scam that has been on oDesk for ages.


They always contact newbies.


They get people to jump through their silly hoops, waste a lot of time, and they don't actually pay out any money.


The line about various payment methods is one of the key identifiers of this scam. When we who are veteran oDesk contractors see that, we know exactly who this fake "client" is, regardless of what name they are currently going by. The "client" just copies and pastes their pitch again and again, using different bogus accounts. They don't change their core pitch very much.


How much they actually care about the captcha typing work they get you do, I'm not certain. I think one of the main things they're trying to do is trick you into revealing personal identity information, usernames, passwords, etc., so that they can steal your identity, hack into your accounts, steal money from you, etc.


Fun, isn't it?

I guess I'm lucky I have never received an 'offer' like that, but I think you should report it to oDesk support if you haven't already.

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yeah!! i think its something like that. But I opened that link and tried out some of their work but then I felt something wrong so i din'd open again. I there a serious issue. I mean what should I do now.


Hi, Shilpa

It is a common scam targetting new freelancer. It's commonly referred as "Bait and Switch".

You actually saved yourself from the pain and disappointment.


Report the job post ASAP.



okay.... thank you every one for your suggestions.I'll report about it. 


Thanks again!!