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Re: Ive been hacked my a freelancer and his network on Upwork

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Peter N Member Since: Dec 21, 2016
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Ive contacted the website. first they took it seriously and i was contacted by someone in my country by the freelancers friend. he claimed these things and i felt sorry that if i was in doubt at all it would stop his income for his kids school fees. 


this man got me to install team viewer and skype. i had never done this before but i have been hacked before in 10 years. but nothing like what has happen to me since i told this man a few things about my work


Iam creating government files and he found out i was working with someone else and tried to obtain all the files. my computers, my social network, everything has been interfered with



I asked Upwork to lift the ban on my account because i could not work anymore with this.. this man also man me feel bad.. but i don't feel bad that he got huge amounts of money from me, hacked my computers, stole files, 


he claimed my files don't hold value to him but i have been creating unique vectors for the military in my coutnry and some around the world these vectors are valuable


he asked me to share my screen, press ctnl Y  and then zoom in so he could snap shot my screen of this Victoria Cross.. I have over 40 jobs done like this by other man. not this man. he did everything to get me to send him my files. i fear he will now well them, aswell as continue to hack my life.. all from this site


Iam telling this site and i can't seem to get anything back.


It was foolish of me in many areas but i am not always thinking. 



please help with advice. I have been hacked. my PC's are in trouble. This man runs a scam on here. I belive to set up zombies and more. 




thank you 

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Vladimir G Community Manager Member Since: Oct 31, 2014
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Hi Peter,


I'm sorry to hear your computer was compromised. I see our team assited you in regaining access to your account but you still haven't provided the information our agent requested in order for us to take further action against the user you believe was involved in this incident. I see you asked our team not to continue their investigation but would like to ask you to provide screenshots of your conversation, so our team could review and take further steps.

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Peter N Member Since: Dec 21, 2016
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Ive been hacked my a freelancer and his network on Upwork (Upwork Community Subscription Update)

ive tried to send a heap today. I think ive explained what happened. This man contacted me in my country. i was made feel sorry for him and i did not have any doubt. but my project was put on complete hold, my computers everything. So i tried to sort this out with the bloke. An innocent man would not act like he did in response to what happened
he would not  talk anymore. he would not except simple instructions saying he did not understand. He claimed he was in hospital the day i first put this complaint in. 
He told a stack of lies to get out of the **bleep**. Then a man with his skill and talents on a computer only says "change your password" in repsonse to whats happened. He is IT pro. he called me his great friend now. He knows iam reclusive becuase of my health. 
I have sent stuff. but there is alot more he only said via voice. I purchased things to communicate with him
you just have to find out how many people he is directing away from this internet site. why would he do these things?
I can't even get online for 10 mins in entire week. so you tell me why i would not want to find out or try get the hacker off me. 
There is ZERO doubt about this. I think you need to understand why i asked to put end to the case. I was conned. again. 
He made sure he done this partial contract **bleep** with writting notes on something. Please understand. I have much to loose. 
I lost my facebook page again today briefly. Iam sure its to show me what they can do to me if they wish. 
Iam talking these people know my EBAY, SOCIAL NETWORK, where i live, all my plans for immediate work.. BECAUSE I HAD TO GUIDE THIS MAN TO DO MY WORK. 
Iam not going to blame your people. But please think why if i was going so well, would i stop and turn on someone like this?  
There are 2 men involved. both from **Edited for Community Guidelines**. but please go ahead and ignor my pleas
ive asked for many responses and nothing to even say yes, we are getting your emails today. nothing


**Edited for Community Guidelines**

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Peter N Member Since: Dec 21, 2016
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what am i ment to do with files i can't use. if a man was innocent. he would have asked his client what was wrong. he would support that person because he was the person who asked to open his computer network. I have no experience in this stuff. even mobile phones. as i don't need to use 1. my work maybe small, but my files are very valuable. I saw this man go from calling me SIR and friend. turn on me because he found out i was working with another and i would not send my files to him. 


do i really have to spend a week writting out things he said by voice for you to think maybe this bloke is for real. 

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Gerry S Member Since: Nov 23, 2014
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Yep; there's a lot of that going around here ... free money.


At some point, browsers may start flagging UpWork as a site with "security issues" ... "enter at own risk" ...


Fleshy viruses.

Community Manager
Vladimir G Community Manager Member Since: Oct 31, 2014
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Hi Peter,


I see you have copy pasted what seems to be a conversation you had with this person. Please follow our agent's original request and provide screenshots of your communication so we can move forward and investigate the user you reported. 


Please note that we can't discuss specific details in the Community so please avoid posting any further information here and only communicate with our team on your original ticket.


Thank you.