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JSS Score-inactive client

Hi! My JSS score isn't officially up since I only have 6 projects. I have one opened job since November and I've reached out to the requesting he close the account twice and haven't heard back from him since. He is my only inactive account but for three months. Is this a 10 to 30 percent affect on my JSS when I receive it? How much leveled weight would it be between freelancer closing contract versus leaving it inactive at this point?

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I am curious about this as well. I have a suspended contract from back in September. I had asked the client to provide me with some various information so I could continue the work, but they told me they would have to get back to me and not log any more hours until I heard from them. I never heard back and got busy with other clients so didn't have a chance to follow up. Will the inactive project affect my JSS score? Should I ask them to close it? I'm happy to continue with them when they decide to pick back up. 

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Hi Rose,


Thank you for sharing your concern.


There are certain parameters to be taken into concideration when calculating the Job Sucess Score, and you may learn about these here, as well as to how it is calculated and when one will be received.



Hi Felix,

Would this be relevant to my situation? My client paid me but has not closed the contract since November. 


"Contract with past earnings, but your client has left no feedback for you

Contracts with a history of earnings but no feedback, whether closed or not, are mostly excluded from your JSS. However, if you have many contracts where no feedback has been given, it can impact your score (a little) negatively because it indicates some of your clients were dissatisfied."


Question really is when should the freelancer close the contract? The client has been reached out to a couple of times. So I have to conclude he will not close the account. 

If you've asked your client to close it and they haven't, and it's been inactive for at least 2 months, probably a good idea to close it yourself. If you have several contracts like this, you can close them one at a time in between finishing other contracts with good feedback, every couple weeks, starting with the oldest.

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