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JSS decrease

My JSS was 100% last week and in that week I got 2 5-star reviews from my clients and the JSS drops to 96% which is so weird. I have suffered with the same issue previously but I didn't get to know the valid/proper reason behind this, Could you please tell me what is going on with my JSS calculation and why?


Thank you!

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You can see only publict feedback, not private. Private feedback also affect JSS.

I understand, but as I mentioned above, the last 2 feedbacks that I got are 5star, If you look at the feedback that contains 5start + the client also gives it inform written statement which explains the level of satisfaction then how could that client give a bad private review. 

Here is the help article about JSS. There are multiple factors impacting JSS, and not just recent activities.


Job Success Score – Upwork Customer Service & Support | Upwork Help

Thank you so much @Sophie for sharing this article. To be very honest I'm already aware of all these points mentioned in the article which affect the JSS, but unfortunately, I didn't find a single genuine reason which applies to my case. I'm just struggling to get to know the exact reason behind so in the future I will avoid it.

One of your recent clients left poor private feedback despite the good public feedback. That is all there is to it. You will not get any other answer because Upwork does not share the private feedback, hence why it is private. There is nothing you can do but do good work. You still have a good JSS. I wouldn't worry about it too much. 

Thank you so much @Amanda for your reply. I just wanted to know are you from the Upwork support team officially? 

Hello Upwork Community

My JSS appeared first about 4 weeks back and it was 79%. On the 4th of September, I completed a project and the client ended the contract and left a good feedback and 4.8. It was on that day my JSS updated as shown in my stats. It suddenly dropped to 63%. I don't have any bad public reviews, all are between 4.6-5.0. What could be the reason for the drop?

It may be private feedback.

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Some clients do this. We cannot find out, noone let you know what realy there. Perhaps the client thinks that 7/10 is a good review, but that lowers your jss.

I think you didn't read my last reply properly. If you read it again then I hope you understand my point and what I exactly mean.  🙂 

This is just a guess. For example, one of the reviews lowered my rating. I was sure which one and asked the client directly. He admitted that he put 7 private, because he thought that 7 is not bad. And the public one was beautiful, 5+ with a good text.

I checked your profile man firstly I appreciate the work history that you maintain. I absolutely agreed with you. As I mentioned in my post previously I got the same experience I loose my top-rated badge my JSS dropped to 89%, so I was having the same scenario I doubt my one client and personally, I talked to her do you know what she said?  "I as a bonus add some extra money in contact from my personal level of satisfaction why would I give you  9/10 in private feedback? I did 100% correct". 


The disappointing thing is I came across this situation many times and I've never gotten a valid exact reason behind it. 

Got it. We will never get answer from Upwork whats happened realy. Its a pity, but as-is.

Yeah man, you are right. Thank you so much for all the replies 🙂 

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