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Job Success Rate Calculation is Unfair to Freelancers

I think the Job Success Rate calculation method needs to be changed.


It is incredibly unfair to penalize a freelancer and  lower their job success rate because either a client did not leave a review because they just didn't want to, only used Upwork once, etc. OR that they only used the freelancer for one gig and did not become a repeat client. 


There are MANY clients on here that come on here for ONE THING. Logo, etc. So how is it fair to penalize the freelancer claiming that they must not of done a good job because the client chose to not use Upwork again?


I have high job success rates with all of my clients, but my Job Success Rate is not as high as it should be, it's at 69% because I have had clients that don't give a flying hoot about leaving comments, they don't understand them or care to acknowledge them. Or they just wanted a one time job on here and or they sought out cheaper talent because they realized why spend someone $20-25/hr when I can hire someone on here for $5/hr or less.


I have had potential clients and current clients ask me why my job success rate is so low, because they can see my reviews, they can see my scores and they are all high, so it doesn't make sense to them. I am LOSING new clients because of that score because they think I've done something wrong when I haven't.


Please please change this policy, because I know it's not only myself it affects, a lot of other freelancers go through this too. And this sites success is because of freelancers, and to punish us because of client inconsistencies is NOT RIGHT.