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Jobs with Contact Details

It has become apparent that there are an increasing number of Job Posts where contact information is being provided. Some are emails and some are WhatsApp messenger details.


Upwork requests freelancers to "Flag" these as inappropriate but quite frankly I have better things to do than do Upwork's job for them.  As they say these are inappropriate Upwork should have some means of removing job posts with contact details before they are even posted. Maybe they should employ a Freelancer to do that for them if their developers can't find a way to do this!

When I browse the recent job list I now reckon that 50% of the listed jobs have contact information, which again wastes my time and on a couple of occasions recently I have been sent interview options from the job poster.


Upwork needs to get its act together and screen these out and not expect Freelancers to do it for them.

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I agree with you, it is tiring to look for work and see virtually every job that is here with contact information. Something should be done to make this better.

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I agree with this.
On a simple glance, it might seem that a simple regex check would allow to check this and warn the client about potential misuse. Maybe there are more intricacies to this, then I am aware of.
I recently saw someone spell out their mobile number like nine-one-four... lol.

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Similar to what Chaitanya B stated, there are plenty of ways for developers to tweak code to search for and remove contact information. For example, dating websites include regex checks, keyword scans/searches, etc. in their algorithms. It is in their best interest to do so since they want members to contact each other by paying a membership fee.

I am guessing Upwork could do the same since it would benefit them. After all, they do collect fees during the client/freelancer exchange, and could lose those fees if clients/freelancers only use their platform to connect, but work offline to complete the contract.

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