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Just as I predicted. Upwork is only after your money

The management at Upwork has realized that freelancers are the cash cow to be milked for every penny until this whole platform collapses. They can't charge the clients because most of them are scams and won't pay anyway. 


Get ready for your profile to show up on page 110 unless you boost it! 


Oh, also don't forget to boost your proposal too or it will get shown at the bottom of the list.


We're going to keep jacking up the connects you have to spend to bid on the scam jobs. 


And thanks for the 10% comission should you be lucky enough to actually land a job. 


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Sounds about right. You forgot to mention the super cool and not-at-all-useless availability badge, for which you'll have to pay as well.

They ain't getting a cent from me with this nonsense.

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Yes, like every for-profit entity in the world, Upwork's mission is to make money.


That said, they've already said that boosting your profile has nothing whatsoever to do with where you show up in search, so you may want to learn what the feature is before continuing your meltdown.

lol I bet a friend of mine that you would repond. You love all the attention you get on the forums don't you? I bet you will respond to every single one of my posts. 


Oh and to answer you question...

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"until this whole platform collapses"


I think thats the key. Maybe collapse is not the right word but it's not going to be the same. And people will find out that upwork is not the only way to find international clients.

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I've spent 8 connects applying to a job that has 5 stars and less than 5 proposals. I never got viewed. 4 days later I found the same job posting from the same user, and the old job posting that I applied for is still open. This is clearly a scam to make freelancer waste their time and connects. The job title and description are identical. "Music producer make short songs for social media - persian , indian, turkish type songs"

The new post

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The old post

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What a shame! This site used to be great for finding jobs. Now is useless. 


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Yup, used to be great but heading downhill fast. That's why the company is milking the freelancers instead of charging clients to post jobs, like almost every other job board on the internet does. 

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Where did you find the information that boosting your profile changes where it appears in the search?


lolz spot on with your bet

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Then there's the insane amount of connect required to bid for a job.

Jobs that aren't even real. 

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