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Looks like I got trapped

I am working on a project with a client for Brand Identity development, i.e, logo, strategy etc. This client made me drop the price from $1,500 to $900 and then set numerous $100 milestones (for initial concept, concept ideation, concept iteration, etc). The last milestone is marked at $600. 


The client wanted me to work according to them, which included micromanaging at every single step of the process. I agreed because I wanted to try this approach but warned against this for obvious reasons. But the client insisted. 


Fast forward to today, I created the brand strategy, made mood boards, submitted 21 concepts, had 3 meetings, read 21 pages of documents, and spent hours. Now we have over $700 of payment left with 95% of the project completed. 


Today the client threatened non-payment and how I have been ignoring their every instruction ( mind you they said in one document that I 'clearly understand their requirements'). 


Looks like I have been trapped, the client has all the concepts and materials but is threatening to not pay because they 'don't want to waste any more time or resources'. I suspect that that is why the initial milestones were so low. They even explicitly said in a recent text that they had so many milestones so that they could back out anytime!


What would be the best course of action with the least damage to me? 

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Thats all. Take lesson, be careful in future.

Sorry, but this "client" planned that from begin.

Less damage if you will stop asap. You won't waste more time and effort then.

Leave true feedback to warn others.

I have accepted this and don't want to waste any more of my time but I was wondering how I should terminate this. I can end the contract from my side and then their feedback won't affect my rating but the review will be displayed on my profile. 

After you closing contract client able to leave feedback but not must. I think he already have all required and wont take care about that. But if he will set feedback then it will affect your JSS.

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