Massive Scam - Offer: New to oDesk? Want to Earn Some Easy Money & Good Feedback? Apply Now!!!!

Honestly, They have been given good feedback for all the wrong reasons. All they do is take your rewritten articles and republish them to increase their residual income from advertisement views. Your expected to make articles pass 100% copyscape, however, keep in mind, if you have no feedback, they will get you to rewrite 1-2 articles for free. They will offer you articles such as A recipe, legal article, or articles about Named products or items. Once you complete the article, naturally, they will never pass copyscape. Essentially, you've rewritten an article that can easily be republished, but their personal requirements is that they pass 100% on copyscape. If you have feedback already, you will be paid, if you do not have feedback, you're likely to be rejected after they get an article or two out of you. Example: They told me to rewrite a smoothie recipe article. Without completely making new smoothies and entirely new recipes, you simply cannot pass copyscape. Also, it's truly not an easy task to rewrite an article on smoothies without using the word smoothie in the title. If you use smoothie in the title, it won't pass copyscape if the original article had the word smoothie in the title. Example 2: I was told that if I wanted to continue to work for them I would need to rewrite a different article. Yeah, considering copyscape looks for words that are repeated in the article, and you must use completely different words in order to pass 100%, how would one come up with synonyms for the word "Legal?" There is not a massive list of synonyms for the word legal. How then does one re-write an article and cover the same information without using the word legal somewhere within the sentences? Honestly, I understand rewriting articles for a small amount of pay, but it's very clear that they are completely using the no-feedback applicants for free writing, and they never pass the "test re-writing" therefore they cannot leave feedback. This is why they maintain perfect feedback. They avoid paying new writers when possible. Also, being as how I am already a writer, and published several articles of my own, I then said, "well how about I simply write you new articles without the hassle of copyscape"? Nope. Before you can write articles for us you need to be able to rewrite at least 1 article. Naturally, this is a beautifully covered scam. All I can hope is that someone notices this. Gregory Scheffer

Thanks for sharing it Gregory. Yes, it do sounds like a beautiful scam. Anyways if they ask you to do 1 or 2 articles for free, it's freelancer responsibility if he accepts it. And we still can leave feedback to the client :) Hope u left your so I see it in case I'm going to apply to a job for them ^^. Ana.

It is against oDesk policies for a client to ask for free work and such job posts can be flagged as inappropriate: "Asking for free work." However, to the best of my knowledge, there is nothing prohibiting freelancers to do some work for free once hired (it is not a good practice). "Ad revenue sites," I know them well. Google and others use the term "content farms." There is a significant need for qualified writers to provide quality content for site owners--relevant, interesting articles that represent a "value add" for reputable websites. The client written about does not sound like the best client to work with. Continue your search to find clients that truly appreciate your work.
Ron aka LanWanMan

The clue is in the name. Consider - I need an artist to re-paint this picture or, I need a musician to re-write this song for me... or I need a mechanic/bodyworker to ring this car for me When can re-writing ever be considered morally, even if legally, acceptable? It's fencing stolen goods... It's a serious question and I'm open to being shot down on it - if someone can give me an answer as to when re-writing doesn't include taking material you're not supposed to take and changing it just enough so that the author won't notice? There is thankfully an infallable way of passing Copyscape - writing something yourself...

[quote=Stephen B.] When can re-writing ever be considered morally, even if legally, acceptable? It's fencing stolen goods... [/quote] I agree, most re-writing IS stealing other peoples work, BUT, there is that 5% of actual site owners, who want their existing content re-written 🙂 (not most mind you, but a very very very small percentage out there). Those you can usually pinpoint by the fact that they pay very well, they will link you to your site, where you can see that the same person hiring you is the same person who owns the site (there are lots of ways to find this out), AND, of course, if you are keeping the same company name, then, in most cases it is for the same place/person. As for the OP, sorry you had to deal with this, but you always have the option to refuse to work for free, regardless of having feedback or not. If you simply want to get feedback, it would be better to take a small one off job for an orginal write up, than to even look at the re-writing post, since 90% of those will be asking you to do something you should never agree to as a professional writer, or working for free, another thing you should never do at any level of freelancing.

I'm not defending rewriting - ditto what Stephen said - but that is not how Copyscape works. It looks for clusters of words, not individual words. If the company operated on such a ridiculous premise, it wouldn't be in business. Also, content farms and links from content farms will now get you penalized by Google. Not really a good marketing strategy for your client - or your client's client.