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Membership connects 0 per month

In my profile, membership connects 0 per month was shown. Also my connects are not increased after my billing cycle(16th Sep) as well. I am free bie. When I went through forum it shows upwork will provide free connects(upto 140) on each billing cycle. But why no connects are increased for my profile ?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Silambarasan,


Freelancer Basic plan doesn't include free connects so you'll need to purchase them if you'd like to send proposals. Some background information: Connects system on Upwork was updated a year ago and you can read more about that change in this Community Announcement.

~ Bojan
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Thanks Bojan. Is there any other way to collect free connects ?


I am finding difficulty to get a even single straight forward job. I had 50 connects and spent 35 connects. Not even single job I can secure here.

That's the point.


You cannot bid indefinitely without bringing money to Upwork. You either get a job and pay fees or buy connects, thus paying for using servers. Or you just leave.


Did not mean to be rude. That's how I understand it.

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