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Message from the Upworks President..........anytime?

It is customary that company owners and operators make personal statements to the users on occasion.
Usually when there is a super improvement  announcement or software eengancement that benefits the to the good.
It is also used when those in charge REALIZE there are problems that need rto be addressed.


Grant Perry (BlackMagic/Davinci Resolve) does an outstanding job by placing a rather detailed letter at the from of the 5000 page Resolve instruction manual. (impressed me for sure)


But yet here at UW, with all the complaining on this community, with all the seemingly failures in the operations, with all the competition, scams, spams and other BS, what do we here?........................................................Crickets!!!!!!


If this was my company or I was a board memeber, I'd be talking with the community or an e-mail blast at least bi-monthly. I'd do it myselfm too! NOT an AI or my secratary either!!


So come on UW management - lets hear from you!
Pleanty of fodder here in the community t speak about!


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Yes, and I'd like to be kept updated (by a human being) on the novel (AI) technologies being implemented (that effectively leave us to our own devices). Because using them well, alluding to Tom Chatfield's notion of virtuous processes, is the key to progress.  (Moderators, I am not addressing you. You are doing a great job.)

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If I was the CEO of Upwork, I would be ashamed to show my face around the community considering the impact these changes have had on Freelancers.... 

You are still projecting on management. Just because you would feel that way, does not mean others will do the same. The only way to operate on this platform is to recognize that all the begging, pleading, demanding, and leaving, has had no impact on Upwork. Unless it is hurting the bottom line, no one cares, and there is nothing anyone can do about it.


I know they are a business, and they have a right to make money, and that the shareholders likely don't give a fig about the cogs in the wheel, either. Why would they? They don't have to care if the freelancers are making money, because there are 20 million or so, and more joining all the time. If the CEO is even aware of the forum, it is only because of the money it brings.


Some people tell me I don't care what's "fair." I do care, and that's why I tell people it's a waste to expect Upwork to suddenly start caring about the freelancers. The freelancers won't even agree to stop taking jobs outside Upwork or $5 jobs to change the forum for the better. There are ways to elevate voices and other legal and ethical ways to address concerns. I suggest there are better and more effective ways to do so, than posting in the forum. I'm not suggesting people stop posting, but instead take some of that energy and use it for a better outcome.



I see you actualy work for Upwroks Global. So you have a slightly tainted view of the company that we "outsiders" do not.

You also have been a member since the old days (2015) and have seen many changes in all the industries you represent.
Many of these folks don't know wnat SEO even means, unless they look up a YouTube explainer.


When I wrote this originally I was being a smart-A_s trying to solicit managemement responce. The best company President I ever worked for would stand in "our" offic door at least once a week and ask "Can I do anything FOR YOU", or Do YOU have any problems to address". I had the highest respect for that guy, back in 86!


So, YES. People will project on management, just as they do with politicians (too bad), only because where else can you hope to get something accomplished?

Hire students to protest outsite UW corporate?????

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Oh, no, be careful what you wish for. I do not need to see the CEO read a script written to placate (think verbal forum badges) the cogs in the wheel.


what do we here?........................................................Crickets!!!!!!


Silence can speak volumes, and it has.

Could be that freelancers aren't the 'customer'. Investors are, and they get the quarterly update.


You're right, though - anything said here would likely be the same glossy pee-on-your-leg-and-tell-you-it's-raining PR all corporations put out on quaterly calls.

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The people raging about Upwork usually aren't making any money on Upwork. I listen to the regs when they say things have changed (they have tbh) but the people who make money either adapted or left Upwork and make money elsewhere. 


It's the same as anything else in life -- make them money and they will listen to you more. And listening and acknowledging doesn't mean you'll get your way either. Just means maybe you'll get a mention during a conference call or something. I rage about a few things but I also know I need to get over it. lol (hint hint raise in commission to 10%!)

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