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Milestones not according with the Job contract

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Brendon G Member Since: Mar 13, 2020
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Hi, my name is Brendon and I started at Upwork a short time ago.


I recently took a job with a client who asked for some basic illustrations for a certain amount. I suggested that we do a test design before the actual work. To see if my style suited what she wanted. She would send me an idea and I would sketch it out.

The point is that, instead, she sent 3 ideas asking me to do it, however, she added a random value like Milestone, claiming that these drawings were a work Previous to the real work of the proposal. Can the customer do this? I mean, she literally kicked off 3 of my illustrations and launched Milestone. I would draft an idea to plan the project, not 3 full illustrations for the amount she THINKS i should receive.

As i have not yet received any payment or delivered any work, can i end the contract? What are the consequences of this (besides the lost connect?).

The conversation has been a little strange and I don't know if she still really understood the situation (even because she is even planning other drawings besides these, also for random values ​​that she is making up). Of course, I’m still going to talk more and explain the situation better, but I want to know an answer in case a more serious measure is needed.



Nikola S Moderator Member Since: Jul 2, 2020
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Hi Brendon,


You and your client should discuss and agree upon all milestone amounts, deliverables, and deadlines prior to beginning work. Please keep in mind that when you, as a freelancer, close a contract it will be immediately considered in your JSS during the next update. When you leave a contract open and inactive, the impact to your score takes longer to appear (typically a few months). In both cases, the impact may be the same, but the timing is different. You can find more information in this help article



~ Nikola


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Brendon G Member Since: Mar 13, 2020
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Hi, thanks for the reply. I thought about it a lot, and I chose to change the project a little, so that it would correct these problems and be beneficial for both of us. So nobody loses. But thanks for the clarification. :3