Missing details on my invoices to clients



I'm missing few information on the invoices, which UpWork sends in behalf of me to my client.

Just wondering, is it possible, and if it's not possible, how to solve it, because the requirement is to show it on my invoices -

1) On both invoices VAT number should be displayed for both parties;
2) VAT should be displayed on invoice which is sent to client;
3) Instead of my name and surname, it should display my company name;
4) Clients address is not visible, but should be visible on my invoice.


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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Valters,


If your client is from the VAT country they are required to enter and display their VAT number and address. However, if they aren't from VAT country, they have a choice to either display it or not. You can communicate with your client and ask them to display their address on invoices.


You can find more information in Lena's original announcement post here.

~ Valeria





Okay, so this means that everything that is related to VAT will show up for clients from VAT Country? In additional - how can I change my name and surname to be displayed as a company? I have set up the company in the Tax Information tab of my profile, so I assume that it should show up as well on the invoices, not my name.

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I have the same question. How can I display my copany name on the invoices?

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Community Manager

Hi Valters and Miriska,


Apologies for the late reply Valters. Note that you need to keep your legal name on your Freelancer account and can't have your company name there. You can't add your company name to invoices on your Freelancer profile but can set up an Agency profile under your company name, and have it displayed on invoices for contracts completed under your Agency.