My Profile Response time is affected by ridiculously inappropriate job invitations

Hello moderators and support,


The response time on my profile is at 3 days. It looks bad.


I get invited for jobs that are completely out of my skill set, like for example work as a Japanese translator. I do not mention my (lack of) Japanese language skill any where on my profile.


I do not have the time everyday to decline all these irrelevant invitations.


Do you think it is possible for contractors to mark invitations as 'irrelevant' or something so that the system takes this in to account when calculating our response times?


Or may be use the 'Does not fit my skill set' flag to do likewise?




Flagging it will take just as long as hitting the decline button. 

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Katrina - There is already a flag, 'Job is not a fit for my skills', which I do use to delcine these invitations.


I was wondering if this could be used as way of ignoring my response time for those invitations in the final calculation.


Right now the pressure seems to be on the contractor to respond to all invitations, regardless of the relevancy.


Clients seem to do mass invitations without checking on their search results to see if appropriate people are being selected.


And, there is something very inaccurate the way rearch results are being returned for me to be selected for a Japanese translators job.



Chamira, the real issue here is your dramatic lack of Japanese skills. This is not acceptable and has to be addressed asap.


Japanese Chamira, Japanese! Shame on you.



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Kon'nichiwa Rene,


I do understand how my woeful lack language skills could lead to this desperate turn of events.


Rest assured, I am on the case, and will be enrolling in a suitable beginners class soon!


Thank you for showing the silver lining in that particular cloud and helping me to add another source of income.



Hey, is that the famous Rene K ... of Elance fame? Even though I've yet to find a decent job, any job - it makes me happy every time I find a familiar flag ... er, face.




To the OP, I asked about an "irrrelevant" button we could choose so that we don't have to waste our time. Somehow I don't think anyone's listening (or cares).


Yeah, I made that suggestion as well after receiving a ridiculous number of irrelevent invites. A simple button we could press, rather than having to go to the proposal to respond and waste our time. I believe it met on deaf ears.


I had to remove my tag line because the wording triggered invites not in my skill set - now I'm just getting different, nonsensical invites.


Dinging us for ignoring these invites isn't fair ... nor does it make much sense. Yes Upwork, lets make as many providers as we can look like we have a site filled with unprofessional slackers.


I face similar problems.


I am native Japanese their quotes are too cheap.


Japanese professinal translation fee is around 20JPY 35 JPY per word.


We receive Impossible offer.


I am boring upwork.