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My account was stolen

I am new to upwork and was excited at the job that I got, I haven't read the guidelines and I made the stupid decision to let the employer have access to my account, just this morning I have received an email stating that my email has been changed, so now I don't have access to my stolen account and it was verified, I'm worried that he might use that account to scam others. I just want to retrieve my account if possible, or if I can't recover it I would like the account to be disabled so that he won't be able to use the account to scam others.

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Notified a moderator and they will assist you.

It is very basic thing not to share our personal / account details with others. No need to go through the rules / ToS for this. 

Thank you sir, I learned from my mistake.



Hi Carlson,


Could you please click on my name above this post and send me a private message with more information? 


- Pradeep


Hello sir, I have clicked your name, but I do not know where I could send the private message.

Hi Carlson,


I have requested our team to assist you directly via a support ticket. One of our agents will reach out to you directly. 

~ Joanne
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