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My client controlling me

Before he started job he did not give me a complete map of what he needed (that job was a level design in one game)

He tells me step by step what I need to do for two days, I can not think of the next step, I need to know the end when making a level. He chatted with me for two days in a row.

I am a developer.
Not a learner from him.

He keeps asking me for changes in the small parts he says from time to time, I do not want to make such small parts without knowing the end

I need the advice to manage this.

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Your only options are to keep doing what he wants, refund and cancel the contract, or dispute. 

Will there be a problem with my account if I cancel this?

Nadun I wrote:

Will there be a problem with my account if I cancel this?

He will probably rate you poorly. That's the only issue I can think of.

ok thanks for the reply

Your work is pretty cool though.

what work do you mean?

re: "what work do you mean?"


He said that he thought your work is cool because he clicked on your name in the Forum, and then clicked through to your profile page and looked at your portfolio.

Hi Nadun,

I would not suggest to close the contract. I would ask you to write to client in a professional and polite way to outline the requirements in details so you may know the scope of work and do it efficiently. Do whatever it takes to satisfy the client and finish the job as successfully completed.
First clients are very difficult to satisfy because you don’t have proven track record of work at Upwork so client does not easily satisfied.
Leaving it in behind would have adverse impact at your profile, all of this hard work which you put in this client will be paid off in next projects with other clients. Don’t worry stay positive and give your best.
More work is coming after you finish this successfully.
Good luck
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As others said, it sounds like a pretty bad client. One of those brilliant micromanager types maybe.

But, in case there is a chance to talk to the client professionally, you could try to explain how you work and highlight that letting you work in the way you know is the most efficient way, the client will spend the least amount of time/money on the project.

It's up to your consideration to decide if you can take this kind of angle into the discussion at this point.

yes, he is a micromanager type,

I told him my method, but he did not agree and continued to follow his method

he was trying to finish my job after saying that to him,
which would have given me a bad review.

I have to send him screenshots of my work in 5 to 5 minutes, and he often asks for shots, which affects my development process.

Yeah, now I get what you mean. He's coming into your creative vibe lol. In fairness to the client I think it's also a question of teamwork. I can understand that he wants something done the way he does. Maybe it would be an option for you and him/her to discuss before-hand what the vision is (I would turn on my hourly tracker), then brainstorm with to make sure you understand what he/she wants. Sometimes you will have to find a way out of a difficult situation, that might not change if you get another client. So you need to find out how you can adapt and also find out how to communicate effectively what works best for you to be able to create. Good luck.

If I quit this job, it's a problem for my profile

Be creative. Next time when it has to be a fixed job price. After the trial work, try to work out some parameters. Lots of options to choose from, you could say "I'll build the level including any spontaneous additions you come up with", but I will also be tracking my work using my own tracker and I am unable to pass this mark for this fixed price. Since they already know your process and that your legit, it should be fine?

I'm so confused. I'm afraid I won't get a job again if I get a bad review of this.

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