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Name Change

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Ashley B Member Since: Jul 7, 2019
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I got married within the past year and legally have taken my husband's last name (I've been using my new name on my tax documents, insurance, etc.) However, my Driver's License and Passport are still in my maiden name, and I have yet to change those since I am travelling abroad next month and don't want to risk not getting my updated documents in time, as these things can sometimes take weeks to process. I've verified my location via Upwork, but would still like to change my name sooner than later (especially as my resume/social media accounts/email signature all reflect my married name).
Is there a way to change my name using my marriage certificate as proof of my name change? Or should I just avoid the hassle and continue looking for work under my maiden name?

Community Guru
Nichola L Member Since: Mar 13, 2015
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You need to ask customer support  to help you change your name. I have flagged your post so that a mod can help you. 

Joanne Marie P Moderator Member Since: Nov 26, 2017
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Hi Ashley,


I've shared your concern with our team and one of our team members will reach out and assist you directly via support ticket. Thank you!


Editting to provide an update:


As confirmed by our team, your name change request has already been approved. You may log in to your account and check. Thanks again!

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Blasius U Member Since: Aug 1, 2019
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Hello madam
Can you help me to change my name to my real name... i can send you my passport to check my real photo and name
Best wishes for you
Bojan S Moderator Member Since: Mar 9, 2018
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Hi Blasius, 


Please note that your profile must represent you as an individual and that all the information in your profile including your name needs to be accurate, truthful and verifiable. 


Please check this help article for more information on how to update your profile name.


Thank you!

~ Bojan
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Blasius U Member Since: Aug 1, 2019
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Hi Bojan,

thanks for your reply. 

recently i added my payment method, my name in the bank - the real and legal name - differnt from my name in the upwork profile.I requst to change my name to match my Bank name. i can send you my prove(Passport).  

Best wishes

Aleksandar D Moderator Member Since: Mar 23, 2019
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Hi Blasius,


Thanks for reaching out to us. One of our team members will reach out to you directly via a support ticket to assist you further.

Thank you.

~ Aleksandar