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Need Opinion from oDesk Clients

Hello Clients!! I wanted to know your opinion on a profile that would interest you irrespective of for how long that freelancer has worked(hours), reviews or ratings. I am a new Freelancer on oDesk and I joined on 3rd June. I got one small job for optimization which I completed in a day and also got good feedback from client. After that I have 2 active candidacies but the clients are nor responsive. I need to know If I need to make any changes to my profile or anything else that can help me in getting the Right job, how do I convince the clients because they question the number of jobs completed on Odesk and unfortunately I got only 1. I understand I need to have patience for this because of thousands more skilled freelancers who are contributing to the tough competition here, but still If anyone can help me in improving my profile I'll appreciate that. Thanks for reading and thanks for your time Best Regards Bineeta

Hi Bineeta, Well done on landing your first contract so quickly. Considering you only joined in June, this is a great achievement as some freelancers take a lot longer to find their first role. I would say that you need to create a more extensive portfolio. Do you have any more pieces of original work that you could upload to your page? You need to elaborate more about your employment history. Which duties did you carry? The client would need to know more about your capabilities, as you only have 1 completed contract at the moment. Take some more tests that are relevant to your skill set. If you achieve a low score, keep re-taking the test until you achieve something better. Finally, be consistent with sending applications. You need a lot of patience with freelancing. All the best.

Hi Bineeta, First of all congrats for landing your first job. Few things which you could do to improve your chances - 1) As you are an adword specialist, it would be nice to have a mention about 1 or 2 of your best ad campaigns in the past with a brief overview of end results. 2)Elaborate about your technical skills (you have kept the overview, employment history tabs too short) + few more portfolios will add value to your overall profile. 3) Take some more tests in your area of expertise + English language tests too (overseas clients surely look for that while opting for a Indian subcontinental contractor) 4) LAST BUT MOST IMPORTANT - Keep charging!! Choose and apply for jobs wisely. Best of luck. Cheers Nitin
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