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New Guy Looking for Samples of Writing Jobs

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Justin A Member Since: Nov 14, 2014
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Hihi. Totally new to oDesk and still trying to figure everything out. I reviewed job posts and it doesn't give all the info I wished it did.. so I figure I ask people who have done them. 


1. What are the most common jobs posted for writers?


2. What are the usual requested time frames based on the type of job they are?


3. How good does good have to be to be passable in the eyes of a job poster?


I asked the third question because mastery in writing requires a lot of work and revision. This may not be possible with contract writing with time limits, so just wanted to know.


Any info is good info. 


Thank you!

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Shaunna G Member Since: Nov 15, 2014
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Hi there,


I remember when I first started out. I wish I had been smart enough to post questions like these in the forums. Smiley Happy 


1. There are a wide range of postings! Some clients are looking for rewrites of documents for their websites or businesses (usually, because their personal English or writing skills are not very good). Some are looking for eBooks (working on one of these myself and its great fun). Many are looking for 500 word blog postings, either for a specific company or niche or for a variety of industries! Editing and proofing jobs are also quite common. 


2. Blog postings usually work within a time frame of one week. Sometimes a client only wants one per week; sometimes a client wants five to ten! It all depends on their individual needs. Usually blog posting jobs are for the long haul, though and you will have a quota per month or week. My revision/proofreading contracts are usually on an 'as-needed' basis- my clients shoot me a message when they need me, but I do not proofread documents for them every single week. My eBook is quite long, and I have been working closely with my client to complete it for 6 months now. 


3. The higher the quality of the work you put out there, the faster your reputation will grow! I have gotten many word-of-mouth referrals to my profile among individuals who work together or are friends in the 'real-world', based upon my communication with my clients and the quality of my work. Yes, under a time limit it can be difficult to create an absolutely perfect document. However, as long as you always proof read and do your very best with the time  you've been alotted, you'll be successful. 


Essentially, there is a lot of variability in job postings. Some will give you all of the information you could ever want to know and some require that you actually apply and hold a conversation with the potential client in order to learn more. In time, you'll get the hang of things!)



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