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New Job Search page input

I am using the new job search page.    Here is opinion:  How about adding the following to the sort command:

(1) how many proposals,

(2) how many interviews

(3) how many have been hired for these jobs


I have to open each job I like to see if anybody has been hired already. If they have, then why is the job still on the list? It wastes freelancer time to research a job that someone else is already working. 

If there are already 100+ proposals, there is no way the client is going to look at mine. 

And if there already is 30 freelancers being interviewed, I probably won't be.


So by adding these selections into the sort feature we freelancers have a better idea of what the real opportunities are.


Thank you 



The translation category is nowhere where to be found and My Job Feed and My Categories have also disappeared.


(Just tried to take a screenshot, when suddenly everything went back to the old search and the option to try the new search has vanished!):smileyfrustrated: 

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