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New Rule required

Hi All, 


Who all are agree with me on this? 


There will be account suspended feature, when a client post a jobs more than free and didnt hire someone....It will be good for the freelancer to bid on the serious clients rathen then who post their projects unneccerary, waste their time & freelancers time and connects too...


Well when you bid you see hire rate right? Why don't you just not bid on the offerings from customers with a very low or zero hire rate?


Also, if limit on connects is a problem for you, you are doing something wrong. Revise your bidding strategy.

Forcing clients to hire is not a solution. All it will do is drive them away from the site.


What if they don't get a suitable applicant. Should they be forced to hire, anyway.


And what timeframe would you enforce? A day? A week? It varies on the urgency of the job.


In all honesty, this site is here for the clients not the freelancers. Yes, we do the work that earns the money, but the clients are the one's paying the bills. There will always be freelancers to do the work. Upwork needs to look after the clients, so that we have good clients, with good jobs. They don't want to scare them away by forcing them to hire someone who may not be the most suitable.


The other (quite smart) posters have it right. It's up to us as freelancers to vet our potential clients' worthiness. The platform here functions much like the "real world" does when it comes to clients and freelancers - you must make a business decision for yourself about who you choose to work with. Upwork putting hurdles in the way of clients will only result in fewer jobs/clients on the platform. I agree that dealing with shady clients is irritating, but making the path to posting a job free from obstacles is what lets the good clients post more jobs. You have to take the good with the bad and you're free to ignore any client that doesn't meet your personal criteria. 


Although there are exceptions, it's not that difficult to weed out the serious clients from ones who will probably cancel the job. This is based on client feedback, hire rate, and job description. If I see something that only says "I need a flyer," I run far away from that posting,

LOL Terrible idea.